Ocean Cadillac

  • Industry

    Automotive Dealership

  • Location

    Miami, FL

  • Size


North Miami's Premier Cadillac Destination.

Ocean Cadillac is North Miami's premier Cadillac Destination with a brand-new state-of-the-art facility that is as luxurious as it is technologically advanced. This Dealership was unique to IE's Automotive Team as we were given the opportunity to develop non-program specific spaces that are now being shown to other Cadillac dealers that are looking for unique back of house furniture solutions. Allsteel Beyond Wall was utilized to show the transparency and welcoming nature of the brand throughout the space as well as providing a view of the featured vehicle collection and access to natural light. Flexibility with the reconfigurable demountable wall solution allows Cadillac to be able to change their space as their needs change without disrupting the sales floor.

    IE Team