Think outside the cubicle.

From the beginning of our story, Interior Environments has lived at the intersection of the unexpected: hard work running with imagination; big dreams displayed through small details; playful concepts with high-tech edges; human curiosity paired with innovative thinking.

At our core, Interior Environments is all about creating office spaces that reflect and enhance the fascinating people that actually use them.

Our highest goal is the element of surprise: delighting our customers and clients with spaces that exceed expectation and deliver delight.

We really, really listen, seeing our work as “bridge-builder” between your vision and the farthest reaches of our creative imagination. Our process is every little bit as important as our product.

We hustle past trends, allowing here-and-now influences in work, while also making space for timelessness, longevity, and oh-so-soothing pragmatism.

We are obsessed with beauty, valuing the highest level of excellence and seeing each project as an opportunity for individual, unique expression. Because the best designers and the best creators are the ones willing to drop all conventional methods in favor of fresh ones.

Humans are wildly colorful creatures motivated by an entire spectrum of goals, aspirations, and desires. So why do so many of us set out to achieve our dreams in a navy-grey cubicle? Instead, we’ll create custom workspaces as unique as you are.

Because when we do our best work, you can do yours.

Make your workspace work for you.

You work too hard to waste time on a poorly designed, non-functioning workspace. We can help your space reach its full potential and . . . 

  1. Maximize productivity
  2. Keep your workers happy
  3. Reflect your company’s culture
  4. Cut down on waste
  5. Adapt quickly to changing needs

Our Clients

We've been privileged to design some amazing interiors for some great companies.

Our Partner Companies

Interior Environments premier manufacturer partners leverage long lasting relationships that maximize the solutions available to our clients.

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Meet our Team

We think we have the coolest jobs in the world (ok, maybe we’re a little biased, but seriously, we love what we do). Wanna create spaces with us? Get in touch here.

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Featured Work

Featured Story: Carhartt

Authentic Brand and Workspace

The goal for Carhartt's Design Studio was to make it a space where creative people could really succeed. Architecture design by Von Staden Architects,...

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