Innovative workspaces of enduring value.

It’s no secret that work in the corporate world has radically changed. Most workspaces haven’t.

Only 13% of employees are highly engaged and highly satisfied with their workplace.

1/3 of employees consider leaving their jobs because of a negative work environment.

37% of job candidates will accept a job with a lower salary if the company offers appealing culture, workplace facilities and technology

Evolving technologies and a growing range of activities have revolutionized the face of today’s corporate workforce. For many businesses, the physical workspace no longer fits the needs of the people who actually use them. In addition, many workspaces are costly: nearly one in four office workers report back pain, costing employers annually more than $51,000 per 100 employees in lost productivity and medical treatments.

Our team of designers will help redesign your workspace to meet the needs of the people who work there, making for happier and more productive employees. Our collaborate approach will consider your unique needs to deliver an innovative and practical solution. 

For businesses who want imaginative environments that express their uniqueness, Interior Environments is the only solution provider that designs and delivers exceptional, innovative workspaces of enduring value.