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  • Industry

    Automotive Safety Supplier

  • Location

    Auburn Hills, MI

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Modernizing The North American Headquarters

For the first time since moving to their North American Headquarters in the 1990's Autoliv decided to completely modernize including adding an additional floor making it visible from the highway. The refresh was needed to reflect what it truly means to look and feel like a technology center; and to better attract and retain talent and give their customers added testing and engineering expertise. IE worked closely with the Harley Ellis Devereaux and Signature Associates team to uncover the unique and thriving culture at Autoliv, developing a successful new headquarters that will stand the test of time in terms of quality and design.

    IE Team

  • Johanna Pelon
    Principal - Director of Strategy
  • Natalie Flora
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Katie Matick
    Account Manager
  • Salina Reynolds
    Design Manager
  • Melanie Neumann
    Field Project Manager
  • Tony Wery
    Field Project Management Supervisor