When Randy Balconi and Steve Cojei first met, both had dreams of owning their own business. They realized quickly that they had a similar approach to business, so, armed with their collective ambition and shared ideology, they launched what would become a long-term business partnership and started looking for opportunities.

The perfect opportunity presented itself in 1999 when Randy and Steve joined forces with Allsteel to open a new office furniture dealership in Detroit. The economy was declining and the market was dominated by other office furniture giants, but that didn’t deter Randy and Steve. Fueled by a sense of purpose, they knew their venture would be successful.

And so it began. Interior Environments was founded and immediately began attracting a growing team of achievers. Just like other office furniture dealerships, IE offers quality products and comprehensive services with a unique approach that differentiates IE from the competition. Our approach is action-driven, compelling, imaginative and distinctive. In a word, it’s dynamic!

Interior Environments exists to create great workspaces for our clients. Ultimately, we believe that our approach is as important as what we sell. This concept represents the core ideology upon which Randy and Steve founded the company. As we continue to grow, at an unprecedented rate of 20% per year, our goal is to reshape the sense of what’s possible in the office furniture industry.

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