Tyler Technologies

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    Software & Services for the Public Sector

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    Troy, MI

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Removing barriers and supporting collaboration

As they set out to build their new headquarters, Tyler Technologies had a couple goals:

  • Promote greater ergonomic benefits with height adjustability in each workstation
  • Support collaboration and great communication between co-workers
  • Create a sense of uniformity in the design and functionality for each employee
  • Open the space to natural light and increased visibility between management and their teams

In essence, Tyler Technologies wanted a full-scale transition into an open, collaborative, and ergonomically sensitive work environment. They were looking to remove barriers between individual workers and bring a significant departure from the old traditional workplace they were accustomed to.

The result was a beautiful, functional and flexible modern space that exemplifies the work of a growing and technologically advanced company. This was the first major renovation in a number of years and the process from initial design concept to installation and move-in was an overwhelmingly successful one.

    IE Team

  • Steve Cojei
    President & Owner
  • Natalie Flora
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Katie Matick
    Account Manager