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    Detroit, MI

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Re-energizing space to scale

Based in Detroit, DTE is an energy company that provides gas and electric utility services to 3.5 million businesses and homes in Michigan. When they came to us, DTE had not undergone any major renovations in over 20 years. 

Together, we worked out a 5-year strategic plan to renovate their current campus of 40+ floors and 5,000 employees. Their main goals were . . .

  • Make people, work and processes more accessible
  • Support collaboration and problem solving
  • Create a sense of community on each floor
  • Showcase the spirit of their people and company and their ability to be flexible to accommodate changing business needs

In short, they needed to transform their workplace into a space that exemplified high energy, efficiency, and engagement. 

The result was an incredible physical space, but more importantly a feeling of accomplishment. DTE’s first floor renovation was the biggest hurdle since it was the first group that had to adapt to the change. IE and DTE felt that the change management process was very effective and prepared people for the move. Each floor thereafter has continued to improve and be even more successful than the last.

    IE Team

  • Steve Cojei
    President - Owner
  • Johanna Pelon
    Principal - Business Development Consultant
  • Natalie Flora
    Principal - Workplace Strategist
  • Erica Smith
    Sr Project Designer
  • Katie Matick
    Account Manager