DLR Group | Task PM | Howell
  • Industry

    Hearing Implants

  • Location

    Lone Tree

  • Square Footage


Leadership in the hearing implant industry.

The goal for this U.S. Headquarters was to merge an open office workspace with quiet and private collaborative areas. Cochlear is known for their branding and leadership within the hearing implant industry, their space needed to reflect their values to retain and draw in the talent they attract. Interior Environments and DLR Group brought their vision to to reality providing 5 floors of modular wall room fronts, technology integration and electronic switchable glass film.

Consistent communication and coordination amongst the project teams of IE, DLR Group, Howell and Task PM created a smooth process from creation through implementation.

    IE Team

  • Colin Brunk
    Business Development Consultant
  • Beth Weaver
    Sr Project Designer - Architectural Products Specialist
  • Hans Fisher
    AP Specialist - Field Project Manager
  • Kat Smith
    Project Coordinator