As patient care is constantly changing, so should the environments in which the care is provided. Our team of industry experts work with you to create environments that support the highest level of patient care available.

Our collaborative process ensures that we take into account all of the complex needs associated with healthcare, technology and regulations. By balancing your needs with form, function and budget, we can deliver a space that will increase productivity and efficiency as well as enhance the experiences of your visitors, families, patients and staff.



  • Furniture Procurement
  • Design Support and Consultation
  • Installation and Reconfiguration
  • Warehousing and Delivery
  • Workplace Advisory Consultation
  • Corporate Standards Programs
  • Branded Workspace Consultation
  • Facility Management
  • Asset Management
  • Quick Ship Programs
  • Post Installation Audit and Review
  • Orientation and Training Programs
  • Ergonomic Consultation
  • Refurbishing and Reupholstering
  • Furniture Rental and Leasing
  • Furniture Trade-In Programs
  • Furniture Maintenance Programs
  • Systems Product Technical Support