It's one thing to realize that your dealership needs a's another to concept, plan and execute that makeover with little, if any, interruption to your business. Well, IE specializes in just that!  

Successful projects are all about teamwork. With a full staff of interior designers and project managers, we will guide and support your dealership makeover through design, space-planning and project management. We also have some key partners on our team, one of which is AllsteelĀ®, an approved manufacturer for most dealership image programs. Because we partner with Allsteel, our prices are the best and we can aid you in managing spend and receiving LEED credits as well.

IE offers manufacturer-specific programs that allows individual dealerships to contain or defer the cost of their unique makeover. Our manufacturer programs are ready when you are—check out the full program details by clicking on the applicable logo below:


Ready to get your project started? Contact our dealer expert, Marc Cygan to get the wheels rolling on refreshing your dealership today! Marc can be reached at or 734-320-2692.

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